1、. . 动词时态和语态动词时态和语态 单句语法填空 1(2017天津卷)Nowadays, cycling, along with jogging and swimming, _ (regard)as one of the best allround forms of exercise. 答案:is regarded 2(2016浙江卷 6 月)While online shopping _ (change) our life, not all of its effects have been positive. 答案:has changed 3(2018长春外国语期中)Christmas is the most important festival in the western world. It _ (fall) on December 25. 答案:falls 4Look! The twins _ (help) their mother do。

2、. . 课时检测(五)课时检测(五) 企业与劳动者企业与劳动者 一、选择题一、选择题 1某公司成立之初注册资金只有某公司成立之初注册资金只有 500 万元。经过几年发展,该公司已经成为拥有万元。经过几年发展,该公司已经成为拥有 20 多个子公司、市值过百亿的上市公司。下列属于该公司特点的是多个子公司、市值过百亿的上市公司。下列属于该公司特点的是( ) 公司有决策、执行和监督机构公司有决策、执行和监督机构 公司的资本划分为等额股份公司的资本划分为等额股份 公司股东按出资公司股东按出资 比例行使表决权比例行使表决权 公司财。

3、. . 代词和介词代词和介词 单句语法填空 1(2016天津卷)I hate it when she calls me at work Im always too busy to carry _ a conversation with her. 答案:on 2(2016浙江卷 6 月)That young man is honest,cooperative,always there when you need his help. _ short,hes reliable. 答案:In 3 (2018潍坊一模)_ Saturday afternoon, my friends and I decided to cook some traditional Chinese food rather than eat out. 答案:On 4(2015重庆卷)The meeting will be held in September, but _ kn。

4、. . 主谓一致和特殊句式主谓一致和特殊句式 单句语法填空 1(2018哈尔滨六校联考)Such good use_ he make of his spare time that his English has improved a lot. 答案:does 2(2018广东三校联考)It was not until dark_ he found what he thought was the correct way to solve the problem. 答案:that 3(2018湖南四校期中)When we arrived, we were surprised to find that the air as well as large quantities of water _ (be) polluted. 答案:was 4(2018温州十校联考)The police were seeking more information to find out who。

5、. . 课时检测(一)课时检测(一) 神奇的货币神奇的货币 1北京市郊铁路北京市郊铁路 S2 线是北京北站通往延庆区的市郊铁路。过去由于票价高和距离城线是北京北站通往延庆区的市郊铁路。过去由于票价高和距离城 区较远,与直达延庆的区较远,与直达延庆的 919 路公交车相比,不具有吸引力。现在路公交车相比,不具有吸引力。现在 S2 线票价大幅下调,新增线票价大幅下调,新增 公交公交“一卡通一卡通”付款方式,同时,换乘线路和方式也在优化,付款方式,同时,换乘线路和方式也在优化,S2 线的客流量有较大增幅。线的客流量有较大增幅。

6、. . 并列句和状语从句并列句和状语从句 单句语法填空 1(2017江苏卷)Located _ the Belt meets the Road, Jiangsu will contribute more to the Belt and Road construction. 答案:where 2(2018海口模拟)There was a way to help him grow more, _ his parents did not have enough money to pay for his medical needs. 答案:but 3(2018云南昆明期中)_ we make good use of public transport, the environment will be better. 答案:If 4(2018湖南十三校联考)I wish my house would be built _ we can enjoy beauti。

7、. . 定语从句定语从句 单句语法填空 1(2017江苏卷)In 1963 the UN set up the World Food Programme, one of _ purposes is to relieve worldwide starvation. 答案:whose 2(2018滕州模拟)She dreamed of the day _ the manager of the supermarket would say to her with a smile, “Madam, this is your lucky day. Everything in your basket is free.” 答案:when 3(2018大同质量检测)The city was attacked by such terrible weather _ few citizens had ever experienced before. 答案:as 4(2018河南中原名校联考。

8、. . 第六讲第六讲 情态动词和虚拟语气随情态动词和虚拟语气随 单句语法填空 1(2018湖南十三校联考)Mike failed the English exam again. What else did you expect?Dont you think he _ have spent more time in studying English? 答案:should 2(2018山西太原外国语月考)Though his face suggested that there _ (be) nothing serious, the doctor still suggested he_ (stay) in bed for a few days. 答案:was; (should) stay 3 (2018北京海淀期中)It is said that people _ reduce the risk of catching some serious diseases。

9、. . 名词和冠词名词和冠词 单句语法填空 1(2018安徽六校联考)As a businessman, Mr. Green is a complete failure. Being lazy may well be one of the _ (advantage) to his failure. 答案:disadvantages 2(2018哈师大附中月考)As far as I am concerned, my _ (suggest) is that we should always have a notebook and a ChineseEnglish dictionary within easy reach. 答案:suggestion 3(2018安徽宿州期末)Li Hua has _ good knowledge of English and this will be _ advantage over others in finding。

10、. . 形容词和副词形容词和副词 单句语法填空 1(2016浙江卷)A sudden stop can be a very frightening experience, _ (especial) if you are travelling at high speed. 答案:especially 2(2018银川一中模拟)Another possible reason is that on average, the British people dont take themselves too _ (serious) 答案:seriously 3(2018长春市实验中学模拟)In each case, the weight of the glass doesnt change, but the _ (long) I hold it, the heavier it becomes. 答案:longer 4(2018黑龙江哈六中月考)Of the two sist。

11、. . 非谓语动词非谓语动词 单句语法填空 1(2018河北邯郸期中联考)Imagine _ (climb) up to the 80th floor of your office building without an elevator. 答案:climbing 2(2018 北京朝阳区期中)Nearly all the people _ (interview) believe confidence is the key to success. 答案:interviewed 3(2018 天津十二区县联考)The problems _ (discuss) at the meeting tomorrow are really hard_ (solve) 答案:to be discussed; to solve 4(2018天津一中月考)_ (remind) myself of the past pleasant days, I。

12、. . 课时检测(四十)课时检测(四十) 实现人生的价值实现人生的价值 一、选择题一、选择题 1 辞海是我国唯一以字带词,集字典、语文词典和百科词典主要功能于一体的大 辞海是我国唯一以字带词,集字典、语文词典和百科词典主要功能于一体的大 型综合性辞典。型综合性辞典。“对不对,查辞海对不对,查辞海”这是辞海出版至今获得的读者口碑。从哲学这是辞海出版至今获得的读者口碑。从哲学 角度看,角度看,“对不对,查辞海对不对,查辞海”体现了体现了( ) 辞海是检验认识正确与否的标准辞海是检验认识正确与否的标准 辞海与其他辞典。

13、. . 名词性从句名词性从句 单句语法填空 1(2017北京卷)Jane moved aimlessly down the treelined street, not knowing _ she was heading. 答案:where 2My idea is _ we should start making preparations right now. 答案:that 3(2018山师附中一模)His favourite food is fried snacks and soft drinks. It is no surprise _ losing weight is just his dream. 答案:that 4(2018福州三中期中)They would appreciate it, to be frank,_ this goods could be delivered as soon as possible. 答案:if 5(20。

14、. . Unit 4 Global warming 一、刷黑板词汇全听写?先过识记默写关? .阅读词汇(英译汉) 第一屏听写 1graph n 图表;坐标图;曲线图 2renewable adj. 能再生的;可更新的 3phenomenon (复数- ena) n. 现象 4fuel n. 燃料 5byproduct n. 副产品 第二屏听写 6per prep. 每;每一 7catastrophe n. 大灾难;浩劫 8drought n. 旱灾;干旱 9individual n. 个人;个体 adj. 单独的;个别的 10can n. 容器;罐头 第三屏听写 11microwave n 微波炉;微波 12presentation n. 显示;演出 13nuclear adj. 核的;核能的;原子核的 14commitment n. 承诺;。

15、. . 必修 3 Unit 4 高考试卷分块专练 练?一? 语言知识运用保分练?1篇完形1篇语法填空,限时25分钟? .完形填空 It was an unforgettable weekend.I had a great time at the _1_.However, after I arrived home, I noticed my owl necklace was _2_.I was so anxious that I _3_ every room in the house, but my efforts were _4_ vain.Then I decided to head back to the beach.My husband thought I was _5_, as the huge beach was nine miles from our home.How could I _6_ one tiny necklace? What if it came off in the ocean? 。

16、. . 必修必修 1 Unit 4 高考试卷分块专练高考试卷分块专练 练?一? 语言知识运用保分练?1篇完形1篇语法填空,限时25分钟? .完形填空 A year ago, when my siblings (兄弟姐妹) and I left home, my parents moved to the other side of the country. They had built a beautiful house and they love their new, pleasant _1_. My dad still works, but Mum _2_ early last year and is now _3_ and becoming increasingly unhappy and _4_. She has tried joining clubs, _5_ people and integrating (融入群体) into her new community b。

17、. . Unit 3 A healthy life 一、刷黑板词汇全听写?先过识记默写关? .阅读词汇(英译汉) 第一屏听写 1withdrawal n 收回;撤退;戒毒(或脱瘾)过程 2lung n. 肺 3pregnant adj. 怀孕的 4abnormal adj. 畸形的;异常的 5packet n. 小包;小盒 第二屏听写 6appendix n 附录;附件 7pill n. 药丸;药片 8AIDS 艾滋病(获得性免疫缺损综合征) 9nicotine n. 尼古丁 10immune adj. 有免疫力的 11needle n. 针;(注射器的)针头 第三屏听写 12abortion n 流产;中途失败 13cigar n. 雪茄烟 14spill vi. 溢出;洒落 vt. 使溢出;使洒落 15obesity n. (。

18、. . Unit 3 Under the sea 一、刷黑板词汇全听写?先过识记默写关? .阅读词汇(英译汉) 第一屏听写 1anecdote n 轶事;奇闻 2migration n. 迁徙;迁居;移居 3shore n. 岸;海滨 4offshore adv. how I regret now! 2.This was the call that announced there was about to be a whale hunt. 这是宣告捕鲸行动马上就要开始 的呼声。 be about to do sth.“正要做某事”。 当我们就要到达时,下起了雨。 As we were_about_to_arrive,_it was raining. 3.As we drew closer, I could see a whale being attacked by a pack of about six other。

19、. . 必修 3 Unit 3 高考试卷分块专练 阅读理解提速练?4篇阅读1篇七选五,限时35分钟? .阅读理解 A Summer Camps in Season! STEM Camp July 10 to August 14, Cost: $180 90% of the jobs in the future will require STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering students enjoy the excellent dormitory, dining, academic, and social facilities of one of Canadas oldest independent schools.Register: www.pickeringcollege.on.ca or call 905- 175- 8900. DEEP Summer Academy August 16 to 26, Cost: $465 We provide highly motivat。

20、. . 必修必修 4 Unit 3 高考试卷分块专练高考试卷分块专练 练?一? 语言知识运用保分练?1篇完形1篇语法填空,限时25分钟? .完形填空 (2018 福州检测)I have always thought of myself as a doer. In work, I certainly was and continue to be. As a mom, Im mostly a doer. However, my _1_ for breast cancer made me _2_ I hadnt been a doer in the way I wanted to be but that was about to _3_. Since I became a _4_and reported many plane crashes, Ive been _5_ of flying. My family had _6_ been to another continent togeth。

21、复习限制性定语从句,定语从句的概念与分类,The Attributive Clause,1 概念: 修饰_或_的句子就叫做定语从句。引导定语从句的词叫_ _, 有两种: 关系代词(relative pronoun) : _ 关系副词(relative adverb): _ 2 被定语从句修饰的词就叫_,它一般是由_、_或_充当。定语从句一定要放在 _。 3 定语从句可分为: _与_,名词,代词,关系词,whom,whose,which,that,who,when,where,why,as,(relative),先行词之后,限制性定语从句,非限制性定语从句,先行词,名词,代词,句子,(antecedent),限制性定语从句与非限制性定语从句,限制性定语从句是句中不可缺少。

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